On Medium, I Earn a Little Money, Not a Little Worry

Dollars or Cents I’m here to stay, this is why.

Bridie Dillon
4 min readDec 31, 2021


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August, I wrote about how excited I was to receive 60 cents in one month. Mainly from what I called my catalyst post… I was crazy pumped! 🤩

For the last two months, my words have been paying off my Medium subscription! ($7AUD+). It is rewarding financially and psychologically.

Initially, breaking even wasn’t satisfying. Sitting beside how much time, research, and curated word vomit I’d put into my stories.

Then I remembered the similar content I used to splatter on the net…

for free. 🤦‍♀️

I loved writing, years before I knew it

I used to write long wiggly personal stories or rants on my Facebook profile, Tumblr, and passionate texts if the moment called.

Being a bit of an impulsive drama Queen, this was somewhat often. 🙈 Also as an introvert getting out what I really want to say is easier safe from face-to-face expectations.

The words weren’t as carefully formatted and written more casually on Facebook. They already knew parts of me, no preamble or selling myself was needed.

The point is – All of this took time and thought to voice properly. Experiences to soak in and explore. Either I enjoyed or passionately (often angry passionate) wrote and edited every word.

Back then my brain loved to write, now I love to write, entirely.

See where I’m going with this?

Consistency really matters man

I don’t care anymore. About the money.
Sure it would be wonderful to be a full-time writer, with a full-time income. Right now, I'm walking other growth expeditions. Someday though, why not? ✍️💕



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